About Us

Marksmen IT are a 100% Kiwi owned and operated IT service provider team. Yet another IT company, you might say. Sure, we can do all the usual things like

  • Procurement
  • Licensing
  • User, desktop and server support
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Deployment
  • Backup
  • Patching
  • Remote, 24/7 monitoring
  • Hosting

How We Are Different

We believe IT should be easy and secure. Keeping this in mind, we use technologies designed for the Kiwi market, so you can focus on running your business not your IT. Security is not just a buzzword for us; it is the main priority when working with systems. There is no such thing like worthless data. If it were worthless, it would not exist at all. Security is also key to keep your business running. You do not want to lose several days to a ransomware attack and you do not want your clients to be ‘stolen’ by your competitors.

We do not tie you into any kind of contracts (unless absolutely necessary), you have nothing to risk.

Security is the Priority

Endpoint Protection

State-of-the-art endpoint protection that provides excellent protection against modern threats without you noticing it working in the background.

neXtGen Firewalls

An easy-to-manage system that gives first class visibility and control over your network, users’ traffic and their applications.

Secure Wireless Network

Let it be one single network, a mesh of access points, high traffic guest hot spots or a multi-site system, there is a solution for your needs.

Secure Email Gateway

Block not just spam, but phishing, malicious code, dodgy links and impersonation attempts in your emails.

Disk Encryption

Centrally managed, easy-to-report-on, full disk or file level encryption. Keep control of your own files, prevent data leaks.

Friendly Phishing

Your largest attack surface and also your last line of defence are your users. Help them understand how attacks work and how they can defend themselves.

We Work with Vendors Leaders in Their Space

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